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Mike Morris

No Powderbird Guide has been higher on any mountain than our Mr. Morris. How high is that? In May 2002 Mike stood at 29,029’ on the summit of Everest. He’ll tell you the view of Lhotse is sublime, but that he’d have rather skipped the Khumbu Icefall. Born in the coastal town of Newport Beach, Mike moved to the Wasatch Front at the age of three, and proceeded to quickly become familiar with his surrounding at his young age. Mike disappeared into the hills skiing and climbing everything he could find, and when he hit legal age, he headed out of town. Mike guided 17 years in the Grand Canyon, and did 12 seasons as a mountain guide in the aforementioned Himalaya. In the winter he patrolled 23 years at Snowbird, with 10 of those years as an Assistant Director. Today Mike loves to show people his childhood backyard (the Wasatch) on heli trips and chase his kids around Alta when they’re not in school.