Spring Skiing In Utah: Park City and Snowbird Heli-Skiing Trips

Are you planning a spring skiing vacation in Utah? We are here to help! Utah is famous for many things, and spring skiing is one of them. During the end of February and throughout March, conditions in Northern Utah generally consist of beautiful bluebird days. Spring skiing also includes corn snow and snow storms that keep the conditions in the mountains ideal for heli-skiing. Spring ski trips in Utah are also ideal for bringing the entire family out to the mountains. With 30-40 degree temperatures and family friendly activities, there are endless ways to enjoy the outdoors.

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Spring Heli-Skiing: When is the best time to heli-ski in Utah?

One of the most frequent questions we receive is, “When is the best time to go heli-skiing?” The short answer to this question is whenever possible! Here in Utah, condition are generally suitable for heli-skiing between December thru mid-April. However, March is one of the best times for heli-skiing.

January 15th-March 15th is our peak season. While conditions can vary throughout the season, this time of year generally offers the most consistent and reliable conditions for helicopter skiing. Guests who are joining us in March are often greeted by warm temps and a monsoonal flow that brings large storms to the area.

March 15th- April 15 is considered late season. During this time of year conditions and temperatures can vary widely. Spring skiing storms can bring feet of snow to the mountains. It can also include warm high-pressure systems that create perfect corn conditions! Guests joining us this time of year may experience a variety of conditions in a single trip. For guest who are looking to experience the high alpine experience of “Corn Skiing” this is the time of year to seek out those high-speed backcountry conditions.

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Park City or Snowbird: Which departure location should I choose?

Are you looking to heli-ski out of Park City or out of Snowbird? The choice of where you stay really comes down to a matter of convenience. Powderbird Helicopter Skiing is the only heli-skiing operation in the world within 45 minutes of a major international airport. We’re also located at the base of Utah’s major ski resorts. If you’re flying into Salt Lake City, you can quickly travel to either of our locations in less than 45 minutes. If you’re flying private, you can fly directly into Salt Lake City or Heber City which is only 20 minutes outside of Park City.

Both of our locations also offer access to excellent resort skiing. This can be important for family and/or friends that aren’t heli-skiing or for you to enjoy during down days. Deer Valley Ski Resort and Park City Mountain are excellent choices if you’re staying in Park City. If you’re staying in Little Cottonwood Canyon, you’ll actually be staying at either Snowbird Resort or Alta Ski Area. Salt Lake City accommodations are of equal distance to either of our locations.

Regardless of where you stay, both locations have the ability to access the same incredible terrain. Learn more about heli-skiing in Utah.

Spring heli-skiing in Utah

I’m looking for accommodations. Where should I stay?

With the many lodging options located in both Park City and in Little Cottonwood Canyon, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to reserve your accommodations. A Utah heli-skiing trip isn’t just about the skiing, though it’s certainly our favorite part! A great skiing vacation is about the entire experience. Delicious food, comfortable beds, and a nice hot tub to unwind in will really add to a day of exploring the Utah backcountry with our guide team.  That’s why we’re here to help. If you have any questions about lodging, please feel free to call our sales concierge team at 801-742-2800.

If you’re planning to stay in Little Cottonwood Canyon, we recommend staying at one of Snowbird’s many lodging options. The Cliff Lodge happens to be our favorite thanks to the relaxing spa and rooftop pool. If you’d prefer to stay at Alta, you can’t go wrong with The Alta Lodge, Alta Peruvian Lodge, or Alta’s Rustler Lodge. All four of these are great options.

Are you staying in Park City? There are many hotel and lodging options in Park City. Our favorite location to stay in is at The Westgate Park City Resort and Spa which is where our Park City Clubhouse happens to be located. The Westgate is located at the base of Park City Mountain’s Canyon Village. It has a beautiful heated pool, great restaurant access, and is only a 5 minute drive to Historic Park City.

Spring heli-skiing in Utah

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

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