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Powderbird is a company built on the idea of sharing our passion for the mountains.

For more than 40 years we’ve been traveling into the backcountry with skiers and riders from around the world – sharing the powder gospel as safely as we can. We’re also in the business of providing exclusive adventures and off piste skill instruction. Our excursions have gained renown among those hungry for the addictive feeling of skiing unblemished expanses in the best mountain ranges around the world.

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Getting Ready

Powderbird makes safety our top priority. Our goal is to minimize your risk while maximizing your reward—and your vertical. We strive to safely combine all the elements—the conditions, the guides and the helicopters — while providing you as exciting of a day as possible.

You don’t have to be a ski-film star to ride with us but you do need an adequate skill set and fitness level to enjoy the experience. Let us match the right adventure to your abilities. Our approach is to ensure that your experience is personal – we will answer your questions while discussing every aspect of the day with you. Please fill out (or update) your skier ability profile, and then call us and we’ll make sure everything is all set. For insight into our personal grading system and more important details click the links below:

Skier Ability Guidelines
Terms & Conditions
Acknowledgment of Risk


Our guides are extensively trained to lead small-group heli-skiing expeditions to the world’s most remote areas. With years of ski guiding and backcountry experience, they’re certified in Outdoor Emergency Care and skilled in avalanche safety, helicopter safety and the science of reading snowpacks. Best of all: They’re also all interesting and fun people to hang out with.


The most unique aspect of heli-sking will be your seven exciting flights in the helicopter. You’ll feel a visceral rush when the helicopter lifts off, accelerates and descends. Unmatched bird’s-eye views of mountain crags and upcoming runs will be yours right from your seat. And, best of all, the helicopter is fast, so you can ski thousands of vertical feet in a day.

Powderbird’s Astar helicopters have a guide and a pilot seat upfront and 4 forward facing guest seats just behind. A configuration that provides you with spectacular panoramic views. These powerful helicopters are ideally suited for winter mountain flying.

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