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Join us for a Heli-Skiing adventure at the very edge of the earth.

We’ve spent over a decade heli-skiing in Greenland and we’ve developed a trip that is a remarkable combination of adventure, comfort, and culture. The skiing terrain is infinitely vast and varied making the trip suitable for a wide range of skier abilities. The sense of solitude makes everyone feel like they are not just a skier – but a pioneer.

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Greenland Heli-Skiing.

An adventure on land, sea, and air.

The logistics of heli-skiing in Greenland add greatly to the adventure. For the trips that base out of Maniitsoq, your day will begin after breakfast when you’ll head to the dock with your gear to board a boat that you’ll take from the island to the day’s staging area. Overhead, the helicopter will be slinging fuel to the staging area so that you can fly and ski without having to return to the base. The trip to the staging area will vary a little depending on the day’s plan, terrain, and your desires. Once there, you’ll disembark with your gear, review safety procedures – and then get after it. At the end of the day, the captain will be waiting in the bay to pick you up. You’ll spend the short trip back to town enjoying drinks and sharing the day’s stories.

“It is hard to imagine how vast Greenland is. It’s something you have to experience to truly understand.” – Rob Brennan, Powderbird Guest.

Getting to Greenland

Getting to Greenland to heli-ski is a wonderful journey across cultures and time zones. Because of the historical, political and economic connections between Greenland and Denmark, your first stop will be in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. You’ll spend an afternoon touring around the ancient city and visiting sites like Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid Statue, the Amalienborg and Christiansborg palaces, Rosenborg Castle, Frederik’s Church, and many museums, restaurants, and nightclubs.

The following morning, it’s off to Greenland aboard an Air Greenland flight to Kangerlussuaq, and then on to your final destination, the island town of Maniitsoq.

The Hotel Maniitsoq

The Hotel Maniitsoq is a wonderfully cozy hotel where you’ll relax, dine and sleep after your day heli-skiing. The double rooms are Danish – modern and well-equipped, and most of them have a view of the archipelago and to the Apussuit glacier on the mainland behind. The rooms all have a private shower and toilet, telephone and 32″ flat screen TV with free satellite channels. The hotel has full coverage of wireless internet access. As a guest, you may also use the guest computer in the lobby free of charge.

The food is all meticulously prepared and presented in a blended style of European and Greenland native dishes that include meals made from local seafood, musk ox, as well as traditional American and European dishes.


2018 Packages & Dates

Individual Seating Package

Hotel Maniitsoq: 12 guests with 3 guides
$12,000 per person w/double occupancy lodging. Includes all land costs with 6 hours of flight time per lift of up to 4 clients.

Ship Kisaq: 8 guests with 2 guides
$13,200 per person w/double occupancy lodging. Includes all land costs with 6 hours of flight time per lift of up to 4 clients.

Private Charter Package

Hotel Maniitsoq: Up to 8 guests with 2 guides
$128,000 per week with single occupancy lodging. Includes all land costs, 12 hours of flight time and daily charter of the boat Bolatta.

Hotel Maniitsoq:

Week 1: March 29th- April 5th, 2018 (8-12 seats for mixed groups or private groups available).

Week 2: April 5th- April 12th, 2018 (4 seats available).

Week 3: Sold Out

Week 4: Sold Out

Ship Kisaq:

2017-18 dates coming soon

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